Monday, June 30, 2014

Russ Allen Announces His Departure From Keith Ace Hardware

Someone we all know and appreciate, Russ Allen, Manager of Keith Ace Hardware, our local Big Green Egg Dealer and sponsor of the Salado Eggfest for many years, has announced that he is leaving Ace Hardware.

He said the store's participation in the Salado Eggfest will continue under the new management.

Russ and his team worked tirelessly every year to make sure everything went like clockwork at the Salado Eggfest.

As an Egghead himself, he and his wife Marcie also took time to cook and greet attendees, set up for the Meet & Greet and After Parties and welcome visitors to Salado.

His generous support and contribution to the Salado Eggfest is very much appreciated.  We hope that he will continue to attend and enjoy future Salado Eggfests.

We wish him well in his next life's adventure.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Update # 5

The Countdown to Salado continues, and here's the latest news:

  1.  There are only 38 days left to Salado.  Important, because they pass quickly.

  2.  89 folks have already pre-registered to attend, with 50 being Cooks/Helpers

  3.  At least 8 States and probably 4 Countries will be represented.

  4.  We expect to have about 30 Demo Eggs available (large only).

  5.  Demo Eggs are available for pre-purchase @ $759.00 plus tax (order now)

  6.  Mini Eggs are available for pre-purchase @ $299.00 plus tax (order now)

  7.  Big Green Egg EGGcessories and lump is $20% off retail price. (order now)

  8.  There has already been mention of some new and exciting foods being cooked.

  9.  Irish Green and Celtic Kilts are encouraged to be worn.

10.  Drawings will be held for door prizes that include 4 Mimi Eggs.

Remember, you can register at any time.  Click the link below to register:

See you in Salado...

Friday, January 3, 2014

Update # 4

With only 55 days until Salado, here's the latest news.

Russ at Keith Ace Hardware (Salado Eggfest Sponsor) came through with some great discounts on Demo Eggs in spite of an increase in prices from Big Green Egg.  Here it is for the 2014 Salado Eggfest:

Large BGE
Large Nest
$759+ tax

Mini BGE
Mini Nest
$299+ tax

I'm not doing any other sizes but if someone wants another size from my
regular stock I'll discount it 10%.

Let's do 20% off all accessories. Let's pre-order to insure I have it in stock. (added 1-18-14)

Refer to the Demo Egg purchase instructions:

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Update # 3

Okay folks...  Thanksgiving is over and soon it will be Christmas, then the New Year. 

And that's what we need to talk about - The New Year, and more precisely, The Salado Eggfest.  It's only 104 days away.  Yes, we're almost down to two digits, and we all know how fast those go.

So while you're relaxing and enjoying new memories of having family and friends around with all that food, and of everyone smiling and enjoying the moment, why not say, "Hey, I've got an idea.  Let's all meet up again at the Salado Eggfest in March." 

And everyone will say, "Great idea!  Let's do it..."

And you can remind everyone that they have just over 100 days to make the arrangements.

And you can give them the link to the Salado Eggfest site where all their questions are already answered.

And everyone will thank you for your clear-headed thinking.

And you will forever be known as the "Smart One" in the family.

See what good ideas combined with good planning can do...

You're welcome.

See y'all in Salado.



Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Update # 2 for Salado Eggfest 2014

We have our own forum on the GreenEggers Forum.  Check it out...

Yes, Wayne and Mickey have some big plans for Salado and this is just the first step.

This will allow for some easy-to-get-to posts about the Salado Eggfest, not to mention some surprises which Mickey will announce soon.  You will love it!

In the meantime, bookmark this site and check it frequently if you plan to attend the Salado Eggfest next March 15th. 

Thanks Wayne...

Friday, August 16, 2013

Update # 1 for Salado Eggfest 2014

Posted by: Mickey on 2013/08/15 19:47:42  

4th Salado EggFest is officially on for March 15th in Salado Texas.

Please dust off you kilts and get your recipes ready. Inn On The Creek will be the host hotel as before. Friday and Saturday night get-together's at the Inn for everybody.

I will get hotel info out shortly. Spring Chicken will have on the blog info as well.
We will give away 4 Mini's with Stands and other prizes.
NO COST TO COOKS OR TO TASTERS. Remember Salado EggFest can only be described as "huggy-feely" and for your enjoyment.
More info to follow.
Thank you.
Mickey Rawls
(Even I can't add anything to that.  See you in Salado)

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Salado Update 7

The Salado Eggfest for 2013 is over but we made the local paper.  That way it will live on forever.

Take a look at the article and photos. tml?mode=jqm

And here's the video if you missed it.